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About Rhinox Stainless Steel Pipes

Rhinox is an American Innovation company that has gained a foothold in the field of manufacturing stainless steel pipes and press fittings. Each product of Rhinox is manufactured with the help of finest material i.e. stainless steel. In order to ensure that the quality of all the products is high and is absolutely safe for use, all the products goes through numerous stages of quality checks.

For a large number of years now, Rhinox has designed and manufactured stainless steel plumbing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We have developed the most hygienic, safest, optimal and durable range of stainless steel pipes and press-fittings for numerous applications.

To attain perfection, our entire focus is on the cycle of production as well as the marketing process. Our entire team is dedicated to explore and implement solutions in order to understand and meet the needs and requirements of our customers. One thing that makes our products the most reliable and durable in the market is our commitment to attain the efficient process of production as well as rigorous quality control.

Our Products

Rhinox is a Stainless Steel Pipe
Fittings Suppliers


Stainless Steel Press Fittings

High connection strength & good vibration resistance


Stainless Steel Pipe

Ideal for caustic washdown and high purity environments



Speed of installation

Rhinox stainless steel press fitting system is much faster to install as compared to the conventional copper plumbing system. It helps in cost-savings i.e. helps in saving up to 10% on a project.

Reliability in every joint

Each stainless steel press-fittings joint is securely and safely interlocked which helps in simple, quick and reliable installation and also helps in leak-proof and secured joints.

No welding on site

Any expert installer can install Rhinox stainless steel press fittings system. It is very easy to install the entire system as there is no need to hire specialized welders that further results in immense labour savings.

High Safety

Each stainless steel press fitting joint can be fitted easily without the need of having gas bottles, hoses and naked flame. Also, there is no need to get hot work permits which makes the process of installation much easier and quick.

First time in
The world patent technology
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Rhinox Applications



Industry Applications

Stainless steel press fittings possess a lot of benefits when it comes to utilise them for industry applications.


Compressed Air

When it comes to compressed air distribution, it requires an innovative solution of application.



Our stainless steel press fittings system is highly resistant to corrosion and offers a leak-free connection.


Inert Gas

Our stainless steel press fittings system is very easy and simple to install and easier to modify.

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