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Rhinox offers stainless steel pipe and fittings

Clean drinking water takes work. Redefinig hygiene standards with our premium range. We turn spaces into living rooms, using innovative water technologies to create places that promote a sense of well-being.


We never compromise on the quality of service and our products. Using stainless steel which assures longevity. The strength & durability of the material speak volumes when it comes to guarding our health.


Innovation has shaped the course of history and established us as the nation leaders in stainless steel pipe & fitting solutions. At the heart of it all is our customers. Our desire to solve their toughest challenges continues to inspire our future.


Stainless steel isn’t a petroleum-based material.. Stainless steel piping is 100% recyclable when it needs to be replaced or disposed of, lessening the environmental impact. In the United States, recycled scrap metal accounts for up to 50% of all new stainless steel production.

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RHINOX offers an all-round service and can support its customers throughout the whole development and production process. You’re just a line away, shoot away your concerns.

About Rhinox Stainless Steel Pipes

Rhinox is an American Innovation company that has gained a foothold in the field of manufacturing stainless steel pipes and press fittings. Each product of Rhinox is manufactured with the help of finest material i.e. stainless steel. In order to ensure that the quality of all the products is high and is absolutely safe for use, all the products goes through numerous stages of quality checks.
For a large number of years now, Rhinox has designed and manufactured stainless steel plumbing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We have developed the most hygienic, safest, optimal and durable range of stainless steel pipes and press-fittings for numerous applications.
To attain perfection, our entire focus is on the cycle of production as well as the marketing process. Our entire team is dedicated to explore and implement solutions in order to understand and meet the needs and requirements of our customers. One thing that makes our products the most reliable and durable in the market is our commitment to attain the efficient process of production as well as rigorous quality control.


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We’re committed in giving you solutions that are long-term beneficial for your well-being keeping in focus the pocket-friendly budget quote.

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Our state-of-the-art product range has won laurels & will continue to do the same in the coming future. Prime objective shall always remain our quality & efficiency.

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After sales service system is like cherry on the cake.Better the experience, more the appreciation. Solving our audience’s concerns have always been our utmost concern.

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Our execution is incomplete without guiding you about the actual know how & installation of our products. Better understanding will help you make better choices for yourself. You can count on us for any of our product or service-related concerns.

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Fastest SS Pipes manufacturing company in world

We are the reference point for the development of tailor-made solutions, even for the most challenging and non-standard requests.

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