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Industry Applications

Stainless steel press fittings possess a lot of benefits when it comes to utilise them for industry applications. The speed of installation helps in saving time and enhancing the productivity of work. The stainless steel press fittings do not require any kind of welding and soldering which means there is an elimination of fire risk or damage. In addition to this, as there is no need of naked flames, there is no requirement of getting the permits.
The various industry applications of stainless steel press fittings are as follows:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Biomedical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Printing
  • Biomedical
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Agriculture

  • Rhinox Stainless Steel Press Fittings System meets all the requirements of numerous industrial applications. In addition to this, the simple and easy process of installation, flexible designs and durability makes it the most efficient and reliable solution.


    Compressed Air


    When it comes to compressed air distribution, it requires an innovative solution of application. Copper pipes that needs to be soldered, galvanised steel or plastic pipes that needs to be screwed together may pose some issues in the future. In such case, stainless steel press fittings come to rescue as there is no need to welding, soldering or crimping. The new system of stainless steel press fittings is very fast and easy to install. As compared to all other materials, stainless steel press fittings system is more rigid, durable and inherently more tougher.
    There are numerous benefits of Rhinox Stainless Steel Press-Fittings System that are as follows:

  • High level of safety and no requirement of naked flames.
  • No requirement of hiring specialised personnel with special skills.
  • Quick and fast installation saves a lot of time and labour cost.
  • Easy to assemble and very convenient.

  • Rhinox range of stainless steel press fittings is highly suitable when it comes to the delivery of compressed air. The choice of SS press fittings is important where the quality of air is an important requirement.

    Application : Vacuum


    Vacuum pumps are becoming a necessity in almost all areas now. But these vacuum pumps can prove to be a source of unwanted heat as well as noise. The solution to this problem in installing a centralised vacuum system as it will enhance the working condition and will increase the overall productivity as well.
    Rhinox stainless steel press fitting system can be effectively used for this purpose. The system will help in enhancing and improving the life expectancy of the equipment. Our stainless steel press fittings system is highly resistant to corrosion and offers a leak-free connection. The system also helps in minimising the maintenance costs of your system and will ensure the optimal flow of air.

    Application: Inert Gas

    Rhinox Press Fittings System is designed and manufactured keeping the mind the significance of optimal and effective performance while utilising inert gases. Our stainless steel press fittings system is very easy and simple to install and easier to modify.

    The features of press-fittings system is as follows:
  • Leak-proof
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • High level of flexibility

  • As compared to PVC piping system, stainless steel press fittings system is durable, adjustable and easier to install. The entire system is maintenance-free and proves to be the most durable and reliable option.